About Us

Cosmic Connections is a Singapore based company, started by like mind individuals to help people to be physical, mentally & emotional happy and contended. We provide advice on ways to help overcome the difficulties that we face in our daily lives and to bring back inner peace and harmony. We believe, that of power of cosmic energy goes beyond the limits of science and hence in many cases cannot be explained in a rational and logical manner. We endeavor to bring to you the importance and wonderful effects of cosmic energy as best as we can through this website. Nothing here is new, we have known this information for many generations and we are only making an attempt to refresh it back to those who have lost the knowledge or the awareness of this supreme and ultimate source of energy.

About our candles and aroma oils

Cosmic Connections and their team of expert perfumers with more than 30 yrs of experience brings to you one of most exotic blend of aroma oils prepared with outmost care in formulating highest quality ingredients with touch of class at the same time complying strict and stringent guidelines of IFRA. Cosmic Connections team of experts put their years of experience together in research and development to come out with the different oil blends which testifies with the many popular, pleasant and long lasting aroma. Each oil types are concocted to stimulate your senses for different moods like Meditative, Divine, Soothing, Tranquility, Stress Relieve, Relaxation, Sensual, Rejuvenating and Abundance and Energizing.

We have an array of vibrant range of natural palm wax candles. These candles are not just natural but are uniquely combined with exotic blends of aroma oil that is crafted to ignite your senses within. . Each candle type are concocted to stimulate your senses for different moods like Traquillity, calmness, relaxation and more as specified on the label of the candles. We highly recommend you to read the affirmations that we have provided on the bottle and candle labels daily as it conveys the powerful intent of the stimulation & aroma of oil you have chosen and it creates a positive feeling and making you a receptor of good vibes and soothing energy.

Our Story

It all started with two likeminded individuals wanting to share their passion and will of doing their bit for the betterment of humanity. Besides their already involvements in spiritual platforms they felt the needed to create a pleasant and positive ambiance in the homes of our very fast moving generation so that families could spend some personal and quality times with one another. As they went about looking at the various options and methods available,they consulted a close friend who has been in the business of creating aroma oil’s andderived aidea of creating fragrances that wouldsimulate senses that are essential for invoking moods of happiness and love. Upon deeper research and development they finally came with fragrances that will bring about tranquillity, relaxation, energizing, divine, soothing, stress relieve, meditative, rejuvenating, sensual and abundance. Each of these mood enhancers, created by a careful mix blends of scents,will help to bringanuplifting change in one’s mind and thoughts. Once the fragrances was decided upon, the quest of looking further resulted in also using them in natural waxed scented candles. Every effort has been taken,not to cause harm our envornment, we ensure that all our products are eco-friendly.
The affirmationthat we have provided with each of product is to guide you to the inner meaning and positive traits of these fragances. Please read them aloud eachday and enjoy your life potentials to the fullest.

Our Vision
To help each and every one of us to able to achieve happiness & fulfillment and to provide high quality products which might help in achieving it.

Our Mission
To provide you with the highest quality products and value for dollar.

Our Values
Honesty, integrity and respect for others is always our core values. We will be pure in our intent & transparent with all that we know and deal with. We cherish learning and sharing with others.

Our Passion
Through our small and dedicated ways we just want to help each and everyone to reach their highest potential and do our part in promoting a better lifestyle for our global family. We also want commit to you the consumer that part of your purchases would go forth to a charitable cause. We hope to spread our reach to as many charitable causes as possible.